We’re excited to announce the launch of K2 Cloud and K2 Five. Stay tuned for the addition of new Center of Excellence content for these products. To learn more, sign up for the Appit customer webinar here, or the blackpearl customer webinar here.
  • Establish
    Ensure proper preparation and execution when setting up K2 environments in the enterprise. GO
  • Learn
    Consider how to best enable professionals and teams to leverage the power of K2 solutions. GO
  • Build
    Leverage best practices for scoping, estimating, building and deploying your K2 solutions. GO
  • Operate
    Systematically manage change to your K2 applications and related technical assets across all of your deployments. GO
  • Grow
    Leverage communities within your company and across K2’s wider technical community to ensure your professionals have the latest understanding and support. GO