The purpose of the Establish discipline is to provide guidance around the considerations and practices for planning and installing K2 into an organization. The topics cover a broad range of guidance covering how to plan for security, authentication, topology and capacity planning. Additionally prescriptive content such checklists and documentation templates are made available to assist with the execution and build out of the K2 infrastructure. These constitute reference material.

Choice of Deployment

Choose the approach that best meets your business needs; evolve your deployment approach as your business evolves and configuration and integration with many industry cloud solutions such as Office 365, Salesforce, SharePoint, and Azure Active Directory.


One of the key value propositions of the K2 platforms is its ability to combine people and systems into seamless solutions. As a result, the landscape contains disparate systems and technologies brought together by the K2 platform. As with any distributed platform, there is a need to understand, plan and configure for a secure environment for authenticated users.

Architecture Planning

This document provides topics that assist with planning the overall landscape in which K2 will be installed and how the K2 instance(s) should look within the larger ecosystem.

Installation and Configuration

The K2 Getting Started Guides contain a significant amount of detail and discussions around supported topologies as well as detailed installation and configuration instructions.