Cloud options

For organizations that wish to investigate a cloud-based (externally-hosted) K2 infrastructure there are two options:

  1. K2’s Appit for SharePoint product is a commercially-available cloud-based platform in which all elements of the K2 platform are provisioned and managed without customer intervention. The K2 COE covers only the K2 blackpearl suite of products. For more information on Appit please refer here.
  2. If there is a desire to run K2 blackpearl (and K2’s SmartForms) in the cloud, then you will need to contract with a hosted infrastructure provider and install and configure K2 blackpearl on externally-accessible servers. The actual installation and configuration process is identical to an on-premise installation, but you are responsible for managing the K2 installation.


The K2 platform is frequently coupled with many disparate components and technologies, which requires the need to understand, plan and configure for a secure, properly-authenticated environment.

Architecture Planning

Assistance with planning the overall landscape in which K2 solutions will be installed and how the K2 instance(s) should look within the larger ecosystem.

Installation and Configuration

The K2 getting started guides contain a significant amount of detail and discussions around supported topologies as well as detailed installation and configuration instructions.