One of the key value propositions of the K2 platform is its ability to combine people and systems into seamless solutions. As a result, it is frequently coupled with many disparate components and technologies, which requires the need to understand, plan and configure for a secure, properly-authenticated environment.


To help assist with decisions and installation procedures that align with authentication needs, please review the K2 security authentication documentation.

Platform Hardening

At its most robust level, a computer system should be hardened against malicious and inadvertent threats, at both the hardware and software levels.

Learn more about platform hardening, including how K2’s host server and related sites can be strengthened.

Cloud options

For organizations that wish to investigate a cloud-based (externally-hosted) K2 infrastructure.

Architecture Planning

Assistance with planning the overall landscape in which K2 solutions will be installed and how the K2 instance(s) should look within the larger ecosystem.

Installation and Configuration

The K2 getting started guides contain a significant amount of detail and discussions around supported topologies as well as detailed installation and configuration instructions.