In order to expand the usage of the K2 platform, and as a result increase the value of the internal K2 development teams, it is key to task someone with the responsibility to be the point person on evangelizing the K2 platform from both a business value and technical functionality perspective. This resource should be well connected within disparate business and technology teams within an organization and be in frequent communication with any unit that is looking for business process applications.

Communications and Feedback

It is important that there be well understood practices around sharing of all the K2 implementation’s knowledge within an organization. This is commonly managed by an individual (or set of individuals) that are tasked with organizing recurring events such as lunch and learns, internal technical forums, meet ups, etc. The focus should be sharing of knowledge of implementation experiences across teams as well as a means of sharing new K2 platform functionality. This section provides suggestions of common practices to encourage this knowledge share around the K2 platform.

K2 Community Resources

This section provides a summary of valuable K2 product content and resources to ensure organizations know where to find information within the greater K2 ecosystem.