K2 Platform Technical Enablement

It is important that resources tasked with implementing a K2 solution for the first time have the ability to properly learn the platform.

We offer a comprehensive training program to help clients achieve maximum value from their investment, which is organized into five technical competencies, allowing for focus on particular aspects of the solutions, or the entire story. This training offers a balance between traditional lecture and practical hands-on experience.


K2 for Sharepoint and Infopath
K2 SmartForms
K2 Blackpearl Extensions
K2 Connect
Covers the core components, functionality and use of the K2 platform. This competency is the foundation for all other competencies.
Covers K2 blackpearl’s integration with SharePoint and InfoPath.
Describes how to use K2 smartforms as the user interface technology in K2 business applications.
Covers customization and extensions of the K2 blackpearl platform with code.
Covers the configuration, administration and use of K2 connect to interact with SAP.
Target Audience
  • SharePoint Site Owners, Designers and Developers
  • Workflow Designers and Developers
  • Citizen Developers
  • .Net Developers
  • Solutions Architects
  • K2 Administration
  • Infrastructure Specialist
  • SharePoint Site Owners, Designers and Developers
  • Citizen Developers
  • .Net Developers
  • SharePoint Site Owners, Designers and Developers
  • Workflow Designers and Developers
  • Citizen Developers
  • .Net Developers
  • Solutions Architects
  • SharePoint Site Owners, Designers and Developers
  • .Net Developers
  • Solutions Architects
  • K2 Designers, Developers and Administrators
  • SAP Developers and Administrators
  • Solution Architects
Understand the core components of K2 and how they are applied in real-world situations. Able to design, assemble, execute, monitor and optimize basic business applications on the K2 platform.
Use K2 to automate SharePoint administration and content management tasks, and use InfoPath forms as the user interface technology in K2 solutions.
Able to create simple to advanced K2 smartforms that interact with data and workflows to create cohesive business applications.
Use code to create K2 solutions and extend the standard K2 platform with custom components.
Understand the architecture, configuration and administration of K2 connect. Create and use SmartObjects that interact with SAP.
K2 blackpearl Core
K2 blackpearl Core
K2 blackpearl Core
K2 blackpearl Core
K2 blackpearl Core
  • Introduction to SourceCode and K2
  • K2 Fundamentals
  • Building Workflow Solutions with
  • K2 Studio - Fundamentals
  • K2 SmartObjects – Fundamentals
  • K2 Workspace – Administration
  • Building Workflow Solutions with K2 Studio – Intermediate
  • K2 SmartObjects – Intermediate
  • Ensuring Success in BPM Projects
  • Gathering Specifications and Requirements for K2 Projects
  • K2 Workspace - Reporting
  • K2 Designer for SharePoint - Fundamentals
  • K2 and Microsoft InfoPath
  • K2 and Microsoft SharePoint
  • Content Management
  • K2 and Microsoft SharePoint Administration
  • K2 Designer for SharePoint - Intermediate
  • K2 Process Portals and K2 Web Parts
  • K2 smartforms - Fundamentals
  • K2 smartforms - Intermediate
  • K2 smartforms Hands-On: Expense Claim Approval
  • K2 Workflow APIs and Services - Runtime
  • K2 SmartObject APIs and Services – Runtime
  • Creating Custom Reports with Report Design Tools
  • Custom Service Brokers
  • Custom Inline Functions
  • Introduction to K2 connect
  • K2 connect Configuration and Administration
  • Developing with K2 connect

Each of the above technical training courses can be consumed in a number of different ways:

  1. Virtual classroom training
    This option is a virtual, online session with a live instructor. Virtual classroom sessions are offered frequently. A virtual training day is structured into two, two-hour sessions to help ensure maximum learning and schedule adaptability.
  2. On-demand training
    Attendees can join recorded sessions of technical training courses at any time in a self-paced fashion without sacrificing valuable hands-on time.
  3. On-site training
    For larger teams that need to be trained all at once, a K2 consultant can come on-site and train up to 10 students in one session.

In addition to technical competency-based training courses, we provide additional offerings to enhance K2 skills investment.

  • K2 certification program
    Designed to augment the K2 technical competency-based training program, this program offers a corresponding certification exam for each competency. Each exam tests the candidate’s knowledge within the selected competency, including both coursework and related knowledge retention.
  • Business analysis workshop
    his workshop is an instructor-led, on-site course designed to give participants an understanding of how business opportunities and requirements are translated into K2 applications. Intended for business analysts and business leaders, this two-day workshop-style course incorporates labs and exercises that are focused on strengthening understanding of business applications.
  • Immersion boot camp
    The immersion boot camp is an intensive program designed for developers that have completed initial K2 blackpearl and K2’s SmartForms training classes and the equivalent of six months real-world, practical experience in important areas and skills within the K2 platform in an accelerated four-week timeframe. The boot camp provides individuals with general solution development experience, consistent access to K2 experts, hands-on ramp up scenarios and intensive work with K2 tools.

To learn more about any of the K2 training and learning programs mentioned here, please contact learning@k2.com.

Common Technologies Overview

Common usage scenarios for some of the most utilized technologies seen within the greater K2 community.

Solution Structure and Governance

An overview of best practices for naming conventions, teams with multiple developers, solution deployment and solution versioning.

Data and Integration Planning

Learn more about K2 database practices, SmartObjects and reporting.

Process Design

This section provides more information on process design tools, design best practices, destination rules best practices, workflow design patterns, line rule considerations, and external system call backs to K2 workflows.

K2’s SmartForms Design

These SmartForms design considerations and performance tuning guidelines will help you get the most out of your forms.

K2 and Mobility

The K2 platform provides the ability to interact with K2 applications on mobile devices.  The K2 mobility story falls into two categories: mobile resident applications and mobile friendly forms development.  This section covers these two areas in more detail and highlight content that can provide more specific technical details.

K2 Language Support

By default all K2 design time and runtime elements display in English.  If there is a need to design solutions that accommodate other languages then it is important plan appropriately.  This involves understanding what language support the K2 platform offers as well as which areas must be accommodated within solution design.