Solution Structure and Governance

Solution Naming Conventions

It is normal in all software development to have a common approach to naming the various artifacts developed within a solution. K2 is no different and it is highly recommended that a naming convention be established and followed for K2 artifacts such as SmartForms, SmartObjects, Workflows and the Category System.

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Planning for Multiple Developer Solution Development Teams

K2 is a platform that caters to development teams of many sizes. Certain practices are necessary when working with larger teams of developers. This guide is intended to illustrate the considerations and practices around team development that has proven to be successful when collaborating in larger sized development teams. The goal is to promote an environment that encourages the successful delivery of projects whilst minimizing the impact of change.

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Solution Deployment

There are a number of ways to deploy solutions built on the K2 platform and there are benefits and considerations to all methods. Based on the current requirements for a project deployment there are a number of options. The most practical advice here is, as always, use the simplest solution that meets the requirements.

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Solution Versioning

One of the key value propositions of the K2 platforms is its ability to combine people and systems into a single seamless solution. As a result K2 solutions are frequently coupled with many disparate components and technologies. Additionally, K2 as a business process application platform, typically is used for solutions where the business requirements change over the course of time. As a result of these two considerations it is imperative that a solution versioning strategy be developed and the discipline instilled during the development cycles to execute it to ensure stability of operations as well as organize maintenance of artifacts. Failing to properly account for change across releases can have the undesirable effects of introducing regression issues, or complicating maintenance and testing.

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K2 Platform Technical Enablement

It is important that resources tasked with implementing a K2 solution for the first time have the ability to properly learn the K2 platform. K2 offers multiple options around technical enablement.

Data and Integration Planning

Learn about the governance rules that are encouraged with regards to the K2 product database within SQL Server instance for K2 blackpearl.

Process Design

The K2 platform offers multiple design tools. As such it is important to understand the differences between them.

K2’s SmartForms Design

This document provides a number of best practices with regards to designing and constructing K2 smartforms solutions.

K2 and Mobility

The K2 platform provides the ability to interact with K2 applications on mobile devices. The K2 mobility story falls into two categories: Mobile resident applications and Mobile friendly forms development. This section covers these two areas in more detail and highlight content that can provide more specific technical details.

K2 Language Support

By default all K2 design time and runtime elements display in English. If there is a need to design solutions that accommodate other languages then it is important to plan appropriately. This involves understanding what language support the K2 platform offers as well as which areas must be accommodated within solution design.