Operational Management

K2 operations typically span two levels of focus:

  1. Platform operations
  2. Application management

Both of these items should provide the core technical foundation for the resources outlined in the support plan.


Platform operations relates to all the roles, responsibilities and procedures that correspond to ensuring the health and stability of a base K2 infrastructure. This typically constitutes all the features, functionality and configuration enabled during the K2 product installation, but not any items enabled to support specific solutions. This section outlines prescriptive guidance on how to perform platform centric tasks such as:


Application management focuses on supporting solutions that are deployed to production environments. As with any production solution, it is imperative that a sufficient level of planning is performed to ensure that proper knowledge exists around what will be necessary to support a deployed solution. Areas of focus include:

  • Monitoring
    Discussion on how K2 solutions can fit within a business activity monitoring (BAM) landscape.
  • Base health check
    Guidance on what policies and approaches should be considered in order to validate core functionality of a K2 solution.
  • Artifact and configuration checklist
    Examples of solution artifacts that can be created to allow for a quick reference on important items to check when troubleshooting a deployed solution.

Support Plan

In order to ensure that the deployed K2 platform and solutions have proper oversight and support, it is important to construct a model outlining the various roles, teams and individuals responsible for both monitoring the health of the deployed artifacts as well as establishing a process for issue review, escalation and resolution.